Weisshorn Hut SAC | 2932 MASL

Weisshorn Hut RandaImage of the cosy eyrie with a perfect view of 19 four-thousanders in the Valais!

The Weisshorn Hut is the desired starting point for climbing the 4506-m high Weisshorn. Thanks to its excellent location and beautiful view, it’s still worth visiting the hut even if you’re not a climber!

The hut can be reached in 4 – 4 1/2 hours from Randa.

Starting point: North of the train station, Eyen (gravel quarry).
Depending on the weather and mountain conditions, the lodge will be catered by Rossé Berchtold Jacqueline from mid-July to the beginning of September with delicious food and drinks.

Overnight options

30 beds (in a dorm)

Category Group of persons Overnight stay Half-board
A SAC members and members of organisations with reciprocal privileges CHF 26.00 CHF 56.00
B SAC Youth CHF 13.00 CHF 43.00
C Adult (non-member aged 18 and above) CHF 38.00 CHF 68.00
D Young person (non-member) CHF 20.00 CHF 50.00

Half-board includes breakfast and evening meal.


Prices include VAT, tourism tax and consumption levy for the SAC.

Payment options

Cash in CHF or EUR. Credit cards not accepted.


Tel. lodge 027 / 967 12 62
Tel. private 079 / 310 20 43
Email: jacqueline.rosse@bluewin.ch

When the lodge is open, we prefer to receive enquiries and reservations over the phone.


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